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The Addition

It's August 2000 and we are finally beginning to move forward with our addition. It's time to provide evidence of what we have been doing, and what we are going to do. The addition is going to be directly behind the main house. The enclosed porches and the exsisting bathroom will be removed to make room or to restore the old house to its original appearance. The picture below is the architect's drawing of what it will look like from the south side.

Before construction can begin, demolition must take place. I have provided a short slide show to illustrate the work that is taking place. The pictures change every 12 seconds. Sit back and relax until you have seen them all (there are six).

What you are seeing is the enclosed porch being demolished. The existing bathroom is the room on the right that sticks out from the side of the old house. It will remain in place until we get a bathroom in the addition that we can use.

At this time, the construction is not visible from the street. We found a few other things that were not visible before. Termites

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