This picture shows a little bit of the house as it looked in late 1920 or early 1921. The impression I get is that the Sofleys had some work cut out for them. Look closely at the windows. It appears that there are some panes missing. Missing window panes would give an impression of neglect which would not bode well for other aspects of the house. This part of the house is the most protected. The siding is believed to be original. Most of this siding has been replaced on the parts of the house not protected by the balcony or it's roof.

The balcony is not original but was probably added in the early 1800's. The cast nails and hand hewn mortise and tenon beams used in its construction add credence to this presumption. The shutters on this part of the house are also original. They have cast (or hammered) strap hinges and will provide excellent patterns for replacements on the sides of the house.

The picture to the right is from the 1950's. It shows the house much as it appears today. In fact, much as it has appeared for 200 years. The wooden steps shown in both of these pictures have been replaced by concrete steps with curved brick sides (see the pictures on the main page). The brick skirting around the house is not original but was probably added by the Sofleys.

The tree by the front porch fell on the house during hurricane Hugo in 1989. It caused some damage to the roof of the house and to the balcony but nothing major. There is evidence that the chimneys are in need of repair. When we bought the house this was again the situation. The Sofleys did extensive repair to the chimneys at some point, introducing new brick in the hipped area. Fortunately, we did not require this much repair and were able to accomplish it with all old brick.

We will continue to add to this historical perspective as we gather more information.

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