Electrical updates

The house was originally wired in 1937 and liberally modified as the years passed. This is the collection of circuit boxes that greeted us in the dining room. As we began to work we found that some of the circuits could not be shut off. We had the electricity removed from the house and operated for several weeks with a temporary power pole. This gave us the electricity we needed to run power tools while it reduced the potential for electrocution.

The old and the new circuit controls

The insulation on many of the old wires simply dropped off as we began to remove the old system. The building inspector told us that the wires were perfectly safe so long as no one messed with them. Once we began our project, the old wires had to be removed and replaced with new ones. So far as possible, the old house had to be brought up to current code. We were given some allowance for the fact that the outside walls have solid brick stacked in them. It's pretty much impossible to pull wire through these walls. The result is a 200 AMP system that provides light and electricity in places that the "White House" had never experienced before.

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