The Office

The room we call the office was a bedroom for the Sofley's. I imagine that it became difficult for them to go up and down the stairs as they got older. The bathroom , yes folks there is only one, is also adjacent to this room.

The angled ceiling is the area under the stairs to the second floor. When we took this wood down it appeared that squirrels had been nesting here. It was filled with walnut shells and peanut shells and other unpleasant things. Mrs. Sofley's housecoat and an old hat were still hanging on the wall. There was linoleum on the floor covering some replacement wood flooring. A small closet under the stairs provides us with space for a file cabinet and office supplies.

We have used a pale green paint for the walls and a dark green for the wainscot in this room. The Berber carpet will suffice until we have time to replace the floor. The fireplace is at a 45 degree angle to the outside of the house. This accommodates the four fireplaces that use the chimney on this end of the house.

The line you see passing through the picture below is what we call a primitive light switch. There was a bare light bulb in the center of the room with a string that hung to the floor. This made it easy for someone to find if they came into this room in the dark. Sometimes it's hard to believe these are the same rooms.

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