The Parlor

PARLOR1 We call this room the parlor. It's as good a name as any. We use it for visiting with small groups of people and for watching television. The modern version of a parlor.

We had some big issues to deal with in this room. Notice the picture rail above the door and the area between the door and the fireplace. The wall had settled a little over the years, the plaster had a sizable hole in it and the floor was in bad shape.

The fireplace was covered with sheet metal and at some point a small stove was probably used to provide heat, notice the cover in the sheet metal.

PARLOR3 Repairing the picture rail was simply a matter of re-aligning the ends.

The Wainscot was a little more difficult as the rail sits on top of the boards below it. We removed enough of the board on the fireplace side to allow the top rail to align. This made the hole in the plaster even larger. We have found that some plaster patch works wonders here.

The cover was removed from the fireplace revealing the old bricks inside. There are a few bricks in need of replacement but we have an ample supply at this point.

PARLOR2 The floor damage turned out to be termites. There is no sign of active termites in the entire house. They have made their presence known in a few places. Our plan for the future is to locate some antique heart pine flooring and repair the floors in this room and the office.

PARLOR4 For the time being, we have firmed up the floor in the necessary spots and put down some berber carpeting. This has made the rooms very livable while giving us time to complete more pressing updates.

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