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The New Sole Plate Arrives

To repair the damage that had been done by the termites and to maintain historic type materials, Russell Wilson contacted a friend who provided us with two White Oak trees. The trees were cut down and they were taken to the saw mill to be made into 8"X12" beams, each 16 feet long. The beams weighed in at approximately 800 pounds each.

Each section of the new beam had to be carefully moved into position. The multitude of posts that were supporting the floor and walls had to be maneuvered around without dropping the beam or knocking out any of the posts. In addition to the men you see holding the beam, there were men under the house holding the lower end and keeping it from sliding all the way into the cellar.

Once the beam was in place over the foundation, it had to be raised to meet the house. Each end was elevated and blocked a little at a time. Brute strength and a few pry bars got the job done.

Railroad jacks and standard jack-posts were used to firmly position the new sole under the old house. The same process was used on the other half of the plate.

With the sole plate securely in place, the foundation was built up to meet it. Once the mortar had cured sufficiently, the jack-post were lowered and the house sits firmly on solid wood.

And now the construction can begin in earnest!

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